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On Saturday March 25th, 2006 we are holding the Latinamerican Free Software Install Fest, an event with the goal of promoting the use of free software and bringing close together free software user groups in all the countries in Latin America.

To achieve this we will hold simultaneous events in different cities, where local technical experts will install free software in any computers brought for this purpose. This will be done in an entirely legal manner and the service will be provided free of charge.

/!\ The Install Fest will be held on Saturday March 25th, 2006.

Among the software we will be installing are GNU/Linux distributions and *BSDs along with free software for other platforms such as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

If you can help us in some way, you can join us in the #flisol channel at Freenode.


We will be streaming video from 6 cities that day, you'll see what's happening live.

For more information please visit Install Fest 2006