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Hi, I´m Forigua Engineer, student at National University of Colombia in the 8th semester electronic engineering, I;m electrical installation of the sena, I've been using free software for 3 years , another of my passions is politics, the economy especially the literature that is my second passion, I read much contemporary literature

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  • {*} Primary: Nuestra Señora de fátima

    {*} High School: Nuestra Señora de Fátima (Electronic)

    {*} Technical: Sena 2005 electrical Installer

    {*} Other (SENA): Architecture of computers, computer maintenance, C / C + + Level I, AutoCAD, Linux, and more.

    {*} Professionals: Electronic Engineering VIII semester

Personal Goals

  • {*} Diffusion of Open Source software

    {*} Report bugs for ubuntu

    {*} Working with openhardware + ubuntu

    {*} Apply to study engineering at SL

    {*} Spread the arduino platform as the non-electronic electronic on ubuntu.

Objectives Ubuntu

  • {*} Join the team to learn more about Open Source software

    {*} Participate in events and discussions

    {*} translations in launchpad for ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10

    {*} Bug report for ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10

    {*} Tester ubuntu 10.04

    {*} Coordinate the activities of each of the projects existing Ubuntu-Co, and the creation of other projects

    {*} Meet the goals of the council of ubuntu-co Concilio

Contributions Ubuntu





Flisol 2009



Ubuntu Global Jam UGJ 2009 Bogotá-Colombia.



Ubuntu release party 2009 Karmic Koala



Software freedom day



Festival del software libre y open source 5.0


External contributions


{*} Excellent collaborator in most activities and projects of Ubuntu-co, very active in support on mailing list and IRC channel, an active member of the Ubuntu-co Council -- HollmanEnciso

{*} Diego is very visible in the Colombian team community & events. He's also helping with Ubuntu Answers, I hope he gets more people interested to follow his path! Great asset to Ubuntu. -- MagicFab

{*} ingforigua is a person who helps a lot in translation, support in IRC, mailing lists, is one of the most active members of the Ubuntu-co council also actively participates in promotional events and is working on different teams in Latin America such as Venezuela and Ecuador. -- czam

{*} I appreciate the suggestions of Diego for the Spanish translation of ubuntu that I meet daily. Francisco Molinero

{*} Diego is a very committed person of ubuntu gives them in actively participating in team projects ubuntu-co (support, translations, launchpad) and since that is part of the council is working harder to benefit the entire community.Sergio Meneses

{*} Ingforigua know him for over 1 year is a very reliable person with great knowledge and eager to work for Free Software, including its major contributions is the translation of several programs at Spanish, and gives them to ubuntu in Bogota DC well as in the rest of Colombia. Sergiokof

{*} ingforigua besides being a great friend was the person who introduced me to the world sdel free software, with more than a year of knowing you can ensure their full understanding and support to multiple team in Colombia mad, I as leader of the support team crazy I testify Colombia team that has contributed much to ubuntu. https://launchpad.net/~ariasfonseca https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ariasfonseca

{*} ingforigua is a great guy. It's deeply committed with Ubuntu and Linux in General, he has great abilities at a technical level and works hard with the community. AndresMujica

{*} Ingforigua is a person compromised with Ubuntu, works daily for it and is also a distinguished member in the Ubuntu colombian council for his ideas and contributions. Translates to Spanish and is very active in Colombia's LoCo. urban77