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Hi, I'm Juan Felipe R. 👨🏻‍💻

Linux and Free Software enthusiast, Desing Addict and Developer [@GLUD](https://glud.udistrital.edu.co/) .

About Me 👻

In my role as a student, I try to improve my skills every day, learning and collaborating on various projects. I am very interested in developing myself in the field of complexity and free technologies. Currently I'm director of the GNU / Linux Group of the district university & the complexity group of the university only as a member.

Find me on the web 👾

If you have a question, or you just want to contact me, you can find and follow me on:

https://juferoga.github.io/JuanFelipeCV/ https://gitlab.com/Juferoga https://www.linkedin.com/in/Juferoga/ https://twitter.com/JuanFelipe_61

Email: <you AT SPAMFREE example DOT com>